We have a regional team of certified pre and post sales engineers to support the technical needs of the products. Netsystem team is led by a senior engineer with extensive years of field experience and each individual engineer is trained, certified and qualified to install, implement and support the assigned products. Netsystem believes that having a strong technical team is critical in our role in supporting customers for the products we carry.
          We will simply give you our suggestions, and then support you with your decisions. We also know each business is unique and each requires a different set of skills and way of doing things, and we will fully support your decisions and will work with you to find the most cost-conscious, reliable and productive solutions for your business.


          One of the biggest threats to IT systems and networks today is security. Hackers are a constant threat to any corporation or business that conducts financial transactions of any kind or stores personal data of any kind on their clients or customers. It is vital for your network to be rock-solid secure from any kind of attack.
          We can help you make sure your system will not be compromised and have important financial and personal data stolen. Viruses are also a constant threat, so we always make sure your network is running the latest in spy-ware and mail-ware protection, which is constantly updated as new threats are identified.

Netsystem provides services system for customer requirement:

  • Server / Workstation (HP Dell IBM)
  • Virtualization solution
  • Citrix NetScaler Application Delivery Solutions
  • Software license
  • Accessory