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Professional Security

Professional Security Services offers a complete range of services backed by decades of experience.

System Security

You’ll find we will IT infrastructure and System Integration accommodate all of your requirements.


Monitors and displays response time, availability, and performance of network devices

The Netsystem Technology Co.,Ltd. Support and Maintenance division provides the highest level of support to SME and Enterprise environments alike. We will comprehensively manage your IT infrastructure, ensuring that we maximise your ROI throughout the lifecycle of your systems.


Netsystem Technology is strictly focused on delivering security enterprise solutions. We use a thorough, proven hardware qualification and testing process to ensure that our solutions deliver optimal performance and robustness.

Netsystem Technology is dedicated to providing a complete highly interoperable security that is tuned by security company leader. As a result our integrated approach even extends to our hybrid compute solutions, which combine local and cloud computing resources, taking ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness to the next level. Netsystem Technology customers can reduce capital expenditures by right-sizing clusters for average resource utilization and easily and quickly.

Netsystem Technology also offers a full range of services and support that is backed by a seasoned team of security and network experts.